Deal News - GreenGate Partners advises Qdrant on USD 28 Mio. Series A Funding Round

24. Januar 2024 Marc René Spitz, LL.M.
Deal News - GreenGate Partners

Qdrant, a Berlin-based deep-tech start-up, specializes in the field of data management and information retrieval.

The company develops efficient and scalable vector databases, especially for processing unstructured data in real-time applications.

The open source technology enables developers to respond effectively to the increasing demands of AI development in retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) applications.

The financing round is intended to drive forward developments with the long-term goal of creating the most powerful vector database on the market.

Qdrant rebuffed a potential acquisition offer from a “major database market player” in favor of the investment.

Berater-Team GreenGate Partners

Rene Spitz, LL.M. (USC) (Lead/Partner / Corporate)
Dr. Leonie Singer, LL.M. (Associate / Corporate)
Constantin Forstner (Associate / Corporate)
Alexander Tribess (Partner / IT & Datenschutz)
Dr. Alexander Raif (Partner / Arbeitsrecht)
Paul Harloff (Associate / IT & Datenschutz)